Avatar World

Do you need to keep your kids occupied for an hour or two? Want something free to play and completely safe? Then try Avatar World®.avatar world game

Are you tearing your hair out, trying to find something for the kids to do? Or you looking for a fun game that will help you pass the time? You should take a look at Avatar World ®. One of the top-rated role-playing games, Avatar World ® is a whole heap of fun and educational at the same time.

What is Avatar World?

avatar world game

Pazu Games are responsible for Avatar World ® , launching it in 2024 as one of their series of games aimed at educating kids while entertaining them, too. Avatar World ® lets you design your dream world, from the home you live in to  the people and creatures you meet and interact with. Unlike lots of other games, you don’t have any real goals to meet, you don’t have to beat high scores, nor do you need to follow a set plot or storyline – it’s a simple, open-ended, open-world game where you decide what to do and where to go.   And it’s one of those games that you can play over and again, each time creating a brand new story.

Avatar World Features:

Avatar World® is full of features that will entertain your kids ( and you! ) for hours on end:

  • Free to play – in-app purchases available
  • Customize your avatar with new outfits, accessories, hair, and more
  • Build your dream home – add different rooms to suit, including a gym, home office, music room, and more
  • Explore different locations
  • Meet new characters
  • Take part in fun events
  • Explore your surroundings and take part in quests
  • Discover hidden secrets and treasures, meet new creatures, and unlock abilities
  • Fun gameplay helps your kids learn life skills, including problem-solving
  • Never-ending adventures and fun to be had
  • Many more features

Although there are in-app purchases, these are not necessary for your kids to enjoy the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your Settings app to ensure your kids don’t make a ton of purchases!

How to Download Avatar World:

Allow your kids to bring their creative side out by downloading Avatar World® onto your Android or iOS device. It’s easy enough to do; just click one of the direct download links below or head to your app store and download it from there:

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader


Avatar World was developed to work on the widest range of devices possible. However, there are minimum requirements as far as firmware goes:

  • Android: works on most devices on version 6.0 or above
  • iOS: iOS/iPadOS 12.0 or above on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

And if you want to play on a bigger screen, you can also install it on your Mac computer – it must have an M1 or later chip and at least macOS 11.0.

If you want a break from your kids because you need to get things done, download Avatar World® onto your device or Mac computer. It will keep them occupied for hours, and there’s no need to spend a single penny on it – there are plenty of features to keep them occupied for free. Avatar World® is one of the best games of its kind, launched by a company that specializes in fun, educational games for kids. Join in the fun today and play with millions of other users.