Looking for a great music streaming service? Look no further. Deezer is now one of the largest in the world, available in 182 countries and with more than 53 million tracks.

Deezer Plus

Deezer has a free version but also a couple of paid subscription options. And with support for all major platforms, it’s not difficult to see why it is proving popular. 

Pros and Cons of Deezer:

Let’s start with the best part of using the Deezer app for streaming music.


Deezer Music

Why would you want to use Deezer Plus?

  • Supports all major platforms
  • More than 53 million tracks
  • Choice of subscriptions
  • Free version available ( links below )
  • Import your own MP3 tracks
  • Plenty of cultural music from every area
  • Functional online player works on all browsers
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Millions of HD tracks


But nothing is ever perfect:

  • Poor streaming quality on the free version
  • Not all subscriptions are available for all devices/countries
  • Not easy to search for specific tracks
  • Not all artists are available
  • The mobile app isn’t as clean and sleek as the web app

Deezer Free Version:

iOS App Download Link 

Android APK Download


The free version offers you:

  • Unlimited music – PC/Tablet only
  • Shuffle mode only on mobile
  • Preview mode on connected devices
  • Ad-supported
  • Access to Flow radio
  • No offline mode
  • Track skipping – 6 per hour
  • Standard audio quality – 128kbps

Deezer Paid Version:

Whereas the paid version offers:

  • Unlimited music on ALL devices, including connected ones
  • No ads
  • Flow radio
  • Offline mode
  • Unlimited skips and track queues
  • Higher quality audio – 320kbps

And all for just $9.99 per month.

Deezer Elite Plus Version:

And, for just $14.99 per month you can get all the premium features, but with the best audio streaming quality of all plans – an impressive 1411kbps.

Google Home Support:

The relationship between Deezer and Google just got better. The Elite or Hi-Fi service is now available on Google Home, allowing you to stream your music FLAC 16-bit quality, use voice commands, and make use of Google Assistant. And support for this has just been released in Australia, US, Italy, and Canada, joining the likes of France, Germany, and the UK.

Final Verdict:

So, which do you choose? Well, that’s going to depend entirely on your preferences. If you are not fussed about ads or only want to listen on a web-connected device online, the free version will do just fine. If, however, you want to take a higher quality of music with you wherever you go, you want the premium or elite version.