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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the top questions asked by our app store users.
  • How to Use the AppStore?

  1. Open AppStore on your phone
  2. Tap on Menu ( top left menu option of the screen )
  3. Choose a category - Apps, Games
  4. Find something to download ( there is a built-in search bar to help you )
  5. Tap your app or game and tap on Download
  6. Follow the on-screen directions and wait for the app to install. You will see the icon on your home page when it’s done.
  • Is it Safe to Download?

Yes, it is 100% Safe. Many people think that all unofficial content is unsafe to use but in many cases, like this one, the developers have a good reputation that they want to keep. As such, all apps are virus-scanned before being admitted to the store and any that fail are removed immediately. The app store is constantly being monitored and updates are released to fix any problems that arise. The developers also gave us SSL encryption to ensure our downloads are safe and because you are not jailbreaking or rooting your device, you are not inviting external threats.
  • Is My Phone Warranty Voided?

No, your device warranty is Completely Safe. This app is perfectly legal to use because you are not jailbreaking or rooting and not going against your provider’s security. Neither Google nor Apple can invalidate your warranty for using this app store because it uses the privacy standards they have in place for the official apps. Where you might find a problem is if you use a tweak that changes how your device works - in this case, simply delete it and reinstall it later should the need arise.
  • Is AppStore Free to Use?

Yes, it is completely free and the developers do not plan to charge any fees for using it. There are no hidden fees and every app and game is completely free to download. There are some Ads to support the app store.
  • How to Fix Installation Issues?

Contact our Customer Service for troubleshooting any problems. We are there 24x7 for resolving any issues you have while using our app. We are just one click away, via email, social media or comments.
  • Do I need to Jailbreak or Root?

It isn’t necessary because the AppStore works on un-rooted and un-jailbroken devices. However, if you opt to root your device, you will find it the store works much better and games played on the internet will not be blocked by Apple and Google Play Protect like they are on unrooted devices.