Looking for a way to spruce up your selfies? Want to look like a Hollywood star? Take a look at an app called Facetune, the perfect app for photoshopping your images.

facetune app

What is Facetune?

Facetune is a photo editing app, aimed at selfies and portraits and is the number one app of its kind. It lets you “photoshop” your own photos without the expensive price tag that traditionally goes with this kind of tool, and you can do it right there on your iPhone or iPad.


Facetune App Features:

A versatile app, Facetune allows you to change just about any features on your photos:

  • Perfect your smile – widen it, refine it and whiten your teeth
  • Smooth your skin, remove lines, blemishes, and brighten up those dark circles under your eyes
  • Emphasize your eyes, change the color and remove white and red-eye effects
  • Give your hair a boost, cover the grey, remove those bald patches and get rid of stray hairs
  • Reshape your face, sharpen your jawline, lift your brows and cheekbones, change the shape of your nose and even add fun effects to change your face totally
  • Add makeup, reshape your brows, volumize your lashes, and more
  • Blur the background
  • Add special effects and lighting
  • Make use of customized filters
  • Add frames and textures
  • Rotate or flip images
  • Share your new look instantly through email or social media
  • One-tap comparison with the original image
  • Lots of help videos and graphics
  • Full support for iOS 9 to iOS 13

How to Download Facetune:

Download on  iPhone

Download on Android

Go and download Facetune right now. $3.99 is nothing when you look at everything you can do with this app – a professional or a fun look, the choice is yours, and it has never been this easy to do it. Do tell us what you think of Facetune and don’t forget – follow us on Facebook so we can send you more cool app recommendations.