GFX Tool

Do you find the graphics on some games are sorely lacking? Do you wish you could give them a boost? Well, you can with GFC Tool: Launcher and Optimizer.


GFX Tool is a cool Android tool that boosts the graphics on certain mobile games far beyond what the developers provide.

What is GFX Tool?


GFX Tool is a free utility app offered by tsoml. It’s only for Android devices and provides you with the tools you need to customize graphics on certain games. It is designed to work all game versions, giving you more control over the in-game graphics settings, helping to smooth gameplay and improve pictures. It offers plenty of features, making it one of the best-known apps of its kind and one of the most downloaded by Android users.

GFX Tool Features:

As one of the more popular Optimizer Launcher apps, GFX Tool is full of cool features:

  • Free to use – in-app purchases are available
  • Take control of the in-game graphics
  • Enjoy much smoother gameplay
  • Change The Game’s Resolution
  • Unlock full HDR graphics
  • Unlock all FPS levels
  • Have full control of shadows and anti-aliasing
  • Simple app to use
  • Supports all game versions
  • Lots more features to give you a much better experience

How to Use GFX Tool:

GFX Tool is pretty simple to use:

  1. If you are playing a game, close it down completely
  2. Open GFX Tool from your home screen
  3. Tap on the version of the game you want to boost
  4. Choose the customizations – these are dependent on what your device can handle; the newer and more high-end the device, the more you can do
  5. Tap Accept
  6. Tap Run Game

And that’s it – you can now play your game with all the customizations you want, and GFX Tool will even launch the game for you.

How to Download GFX Tool:

If you want to take your gaming to the next level by optimizing it and taking control of the graphics, you can download GFX Tool directly onto your device by clicking the link below. Or, find it in the Google Play Store and tap to download it:

Android APK Downloader


This utility will only work on Android devices and is device-dependent – it won’t work on them all. As a minimum, your device should be running Android version 5.0 or higher.

GFX Tool: Launcher & Optimizer is a popular Android tool because of the features it offers. No other tool allows you to control game graphics the way this one does, and no other app provides as many options for doing that. It is simple to use: simply choose the customizations you want, and the tool will apply them and launch the game for you. If you want more control over your mobile gaming, download GFX Tool onto your Android device today – you’ll be glad you did.