Are you a fan of puzzle games? Are you fed up with the Match-3 puzzle games that litter the app stores? Then why not try something different – Limbo.limbo

A puzzle game with elements of horror built-in, Limbo will keep you busy for hours.

What is Limbo?


Developed by PlayDead, an independent studio, Limbo was released in 2015 and has since become one of the most-played games of its type. The game is quite simple – you guide a boy on his journey to rescue his sister. However, to get there, you must navigate dangerous places and traps. The game is in black and white, accompanied by lighting and eerie noises to create the atmosphere.

Limbo Game Features:

Limbo is considered an art form and a masterpiece, as near to perfection as you can get with a game. It isn’t the longest game, but it does offer some cool features:

  • Not free to play, but no in-app purchases
  • Artfully designed in shades of black, white and grey
  • Two-dimensional platform game
  • Easy navigation – move left or right, climb, jump, push and pull
  • Minimal sounds create an eerie atmosphere
  • Plenty of traps and surprises lie in wait in the darkness
  • Avoid bear traps, lethal monsters, glowing worms, and much more
  • Use gravity, electromagnets, and machinery to solve traps and mechanical puzzles, but beware of the consequences of failure
  • If you die, restart the game at the last checkpoint – no limits on lives
  • Use some traps to help you later in the game
  • Some in-game achievements can be earned
  • Many more features

How to Download Limbo:

Limbo is one of the most unique games released in years, and while it may not be the longest game, it certainly packs a punch. Downloading it is as simple as clicking one of the links below:

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader


Provided your Android or iOS device meets the following requirements, you can download and play Limbo:

  • iOS: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on iOS 9.0 or later
  • Android: version 4.4 or higher

Originally released for gaming platforms, Limbo grew so fast in popularity that it was eventually released for the mobile market. The developers call Limbo a “trial and death” game, mostly because you are expected to die several times before you can solve the puzzles. This isn’t a game for the faint-hearted, nor is it a game for those looking for an easy time with the puzzle. It is, however, a great deal of fun and no end of frustration. It is also a game you can play over and again, learning from your mistakes and trying to find the right way to win. Download Limbo onto your device today and immerse yourself in one of the most masterfully designed puzzle games ever released.