Have you got old family photos that look a bit tattered and worn? Unhappy with the photos you take on your phone? Worry no longer because Remini is here to put things right.


Remini is the best app to help you generate fantastic AI photos and restore any image to perfect HD quality.

What is Remini?


Remini was released in 2019 and has risen to settle in the top ten of all photo and video apps. Remini is a powerful AI photo and video enhancer with the ability to turn old, damaged, or blurred images into crystal-clear HD creations. It is now one of the top tools used to produce professional videos and images using AI features and has been used to bring new life to more than a hundred million photos in the short time since its release.

Remini Features:

Remini is full of professional features to revamp and revitalize your photos and videos:

  • Free, but subscriptions are available
  • Turn selfies, portrait photos, and group pics into full HD with incredible detail
  • Repair your old, scratchy, blurred photos
  • Make vintage photos look modern
  • Retouch low-quality images and add more pixels
  • Turn old black-and-white photos into glorious color
  • Adjust image brightness, contrast, and saturation
  • Remove objects from your photos
  • Change your hairstyle, place yourself in a fantastic location, and be who you want to be
  • Fix red-eye
  • Improve video quality
  • User-friendly app
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Many more features

While Remini is free to use, you get more features if you take out a subscription. Choose from Remini Lite at $4.99 a week or Remini Pro at $9.99 a week.

How to Download Remini:

Remini is making a serious mark on the video and photography world, helping people the world over transform their photos and videos and bringing old, damaged photos back to life. Downloading it is easy. Simply go to your app store or click one of the links to download it right onto your device:

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader


Considering Remini is a relatively new app, it was developed to support as many devices as possible:

  • iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on iOS/iPadOS 14.0 or higher, and Apple Vision on visionOS 1.0 or higher
  • Android: varies, depending on the device

Remini may not be the cheapest app of its kind, but it is certainly one of the best. Its professional, AI-supported features make it one of the top apps for bringing old photos back to life and making all mobile photos and videos into professional creations. It even has a fun element to it, allowing your creative side free rein, with plenty of cool features, so go ahead and download Remini onto your device today and start breathing new life back into your photos and videos. You can use it completely free or pay – it’s your choice.