If you are bored with your usual messaging apps, why not give Telegram a try?Telegram

Telegram has overtaken WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to become the top-ranked messaging app in many countries and is third overall in social networking apps.

What is Telegram?

Telegram apps

Published by Telegram FZ-LLC in 2013, Telegram is a freemium cloud-based messaging service that works cross-platform. The app offers ‘secret chat,’ a secure messaging service with end-to-end encryption, and also video calling, file sharing, and VoIP. And it doesn’t just work on mobiles; apps are also available for some smart TVs and desktop platforms. The free service now has over half a million active users every month, and a premium subscription has now been introduced for those who want more from their messaging experience.

Telegram Features:

Much of Telegram’s status as one of the best messaging apps in the world is down to the features it offers users:

  • Fast – Telegram is the fast app of its kind, offering instant connection via a network of data centers worldwide
  • Sync – provided you have Telegram downloaded on all your devices, you can access your messages from any one of them; a standalone app, and your phone doesn’t have to be connected to keep in touch. All your data is safe, and you can start a message on one device and finish it on another
  • Unlimited – send files and media with no limits on size and type. All data is stored in the cloud and available whenever you need it
  • Secure – everything you do on Telegram is secured using Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and 256-bit symmetric AES encryption
  • Free and Open Source – developers can make use of a 100% free API to build their own apps
  • Powerful – create group chats with a maximum of 200,000 members, share any type of document, share large videos, and use bots to do certain tasks
  • Reliable – uses the minimum amount of data to send your messages and works on weak connections
  • Fun – includes video and photo editing tools, emoji, animated stickers, themes, and more

Other Features include:

  • Simple, intuitive app
  • Your data is kept private and is not accessible by third parties
  • Secret Chat feature – end-to-end encryption and self-destruction mode
  • Free to use, premium subscription available

How to Download Telegram:

To download Telegram, tap the link below and tap Install on the app page:

iOS App Download Link

Android APK Download

Telegram is undoubtedly one of the best messaging services in the world. It’s secure, free, fun to use, and offers tons of features, providing a top-notch experience. Download it today and start talking.