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BobbyMovie has officially gone. That’s right, millions of users are finding that they can no longer use their favorite streaming app, but we do have some great news for you.

bobbymovie app

There are more

Thousands more, to be precise

So we thought we’d find some of the best ones.


Let’s dive in

Top Three BobbyMovie Alternatives:

Instead of leaving you to do it, we worked through loads of streaming apps, and these are the three we thought offering you a great service.


  • Google Play Movies and TV

google play movies

This app offers an easy way to rent or purchase movies or TV shows, and, every now and again, you also get the offer of a freebie. These are time-limited, so you need to keep an eye on the app. An alternative way is to install an app called Google Rewards, where you can earn credits towards purchase or rental price. There are plenty of choices on offer for movies and shows, and everyone should be able to find something.

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Sound good?

We’re not done yet

  • Crunchyroll


One for anime fans, Crunchyroll offers access to over 15,000 hours of all the latest anime, including 25,000 TV show episodes. Watch Dragon Ball, Naruto, and more on the free version or sign up to the premium version to get all the latest episodes as soon as they are streamed in Japan – free app users will have to wait for these.

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A great choice

But, there’s more

  • YouTube

youtube app

You can’t get much better than YouTube, and the mobile app offers just as much as the web app does. With free access to movies, series, documentaries, music, and more, YouTube covers just about every genre with something for every preference. It is free, but you will find ads in the content, and you can watch in full HD, no matter what speed your internet connection is.

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And now it’s your turn

Yes, there are thousands of movie streaming services, but not all of them keep to their promises. These three do; they offer exactly what they say they offer and, while they may not all be free, they are most certainly legal to use.

Give them a try

You might just find one that suits what you want, offers movies, and shows that cater to your preferences. Try them all and tell us which one you decide to use. For more tips, you can follow us on Facebook.

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