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GTA has to be one of the most popular games ever, partly because it is so addictive. The latest installment, GTA San Andreas, originally for the gaming consoles and desktop use, has now been pushed onto mobile platforms and you can buy it through either official app store. Better than that, we’re going to show you how to install it on the iOS platform without having to purchase it first. Interested? Keep reading for more details.gta icon

What is GTA: San Andreas?

GTA: San Andreas is an explosive high-action game, fully interactive, set in fictional surroundings. The game player will take on the persona of CJ, a character who returns home to pick up his old life, pull his gang back together and find out who murdered his mother. This is a game that is graphically intense, with great sounds and plenty of customization options but purchasing it will cost around $9 plus any in-app purchases you might need to make. After we look at what GTA San Andreas offers in the way of features, we’ll tell you how to download it.

Game Features:

  • Top quality graphics
  • Fully interactive and addictive gameplay
  • Works on several different platforms
  • Control camera and character movement with the dual stick controls
  • Customize the controls to work how you want them
  • Three control schemes to choose from
  • Graphics can be adjusted to suit you
  • Support for several languages
  • Many more features

How to Download GTA on iOS:

Downloading GTA San Andreas onto your iOS device for free requires an installer called TutuApp. Although you can download GTA from the official appstore, you need to buy it; using TutuApp gives you the game plus in-app features for free:

  1. Download TutuApp onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – full tutorial at the link
  2. Open TutuApp and search for GTA: San Andreas
  3. Tap the search result and tap Install
  4. Wait until the icon is on your home screen; the install has finished, and you can play GTA to your heart’s content

TutuApp is one of the best Cydia alternatives we have right now. With a massive choice of modified and tweaked apps and games, you will find pretty much anything you want in there, and it’s all free. Give GTA: San Andreas a go and follow us on Facebook for more tips and recommendations.

*Please let us know if the Download Links on this page are NOT working.


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