Last Day on Earth

Are you a fan of Zombie games? Love playing post-apocalyptic games on your mobile? Then you should try one of the top-rated MMORPG games, Last Day on Earth.


What is Last Day on Earth?

Last Day on Earth is a survival game with 3rd-person, where you will take on the character of an apocalypse survivor. Your goal is survival. The means – any way you can. This is a game of strategy, a game where you do what it takes to survive against the zombies and against marauding players who want to steal your resources.


How to Download Last Day on Earth:

Downloading Last Day on Earth couldn’t be any simpler. All you need to do is open your app store, find it, and download it or click the direct link below and then tap Download on the app page:

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader

Last Day on Earth is free to download and use but there are in-app purchases that give you access to resources you can’t get any other way. While it may not be a problem for you, you might want to consider disabling in-app purchases if your kids use your device too. That’s easy to do – open iOS Settings > Screen Time and then tap on Content & Privacy. From there, you can set all sorts of privacy settings, including disabling in-app purchases.

Last Day on Earth Game Features:

  • Build a home – use an empty one you find or build from scratch
  • Shore up your home against the attack and set traps
  • Hunt for food
  • Search for resources – minerals, food, hemp, wood, stone, and more
  • Create weapons out of what you find and build other useful resources
  • Visit and forage through hundreds of locations
  • Find transport or make your own
  • Interact with players
  • Save others from attack
  • Destroy the zombies however you can

Last Day on Earth is one of the best post-apocalyptic zombie games in the world and is certainly one of the most popular. You don’t have to pay out any real money if you don’t want to; you can still enjoy the game for free. Download it today, tell us what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and app tips.

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