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There’s a game for all ages, and there’s a game for all preferences on the iOS app store; from simple puzzle games to full-on graphic-heavy blockbusters and post-apocalyptic games seem to be up there with the best of them. Last Day on Earth is just such a game; a game of survival against zombies but, rather than just being a hide-and-shoot game, it offers players many different tasks to do in the game.

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Game Features :

  • Build up your skills
  • Craft weapons
  • Build your stronghold
  • Craft traps
  • Collect food and rainwater
  • Battle against other survivors for the chance to take their supplies
  • Explore bunkers and buildings to find resources
  • Play alone or join an alliance
  • Quite simply, you are the hunter or the hunted – it’s your choice.

Last Day on Earth can easily be downloaded from the Play Store if you have an Android device but, for those on iOS, things are a little bit different.

Download Last Day on Earth:

Last Day on Earth can be downloaded onto any iOS and Android device using an external app installer. It is an Android game but, with TutuApp Installer, it’s available to iOS players too.

  1. Download TutuApp using the guide in the link
  2. Launch TutuApp from your home screen
  3. Go to the search bar and type in Last Day on Earth
  4. Tap Search and wait
  5. Choose the right result from the list and tap Install
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen
  7. Wait for the game icon to appear on your home screen – you can now tap the icon and start playing the game.

Last Day on Earth is one of the most popular post-apocalyptic zombie survival games; thanks to TV series like The Walking Dead, zombies have become popular once more, and we are seeing more and more games like this as each day passes. Although it is an Android game, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to play it on your iOS device; follow the guide above, drop us a line in the comments below with your experience f the game and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.

*Please let us know if the Download Links on this page are NOT working.


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