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These days not many of us have Cydia to turn to for our modifications and tweaks but several third-party app installers have been released as Cydia alternatives. While these are welcomed gladly, they do have one inherent problem – the apps keep crashing. Why ? Because they come from an unofficial source and are normally modified with extra features, Apple doesn’t consider them to be official apps and, because of this, they will revoke the certificates. There is a way around this – using an installer called TutuApp, we can install NessTool.

tutuapp nesstool

What Is NessTool ?

NessTool is a VPN app developed by TutuApp to get around the issue of certificate revocation and crashing apps. NessTool is designed to protect your identity by directing all internet requests from the servers Apple uses for authentication to another server.

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This server them works to block Apple’s communication which stops them from revoking the app certificates. This means that you can download your third-party apps and use them for as long as you want without interruption or without having to go through the installation process every time the certificate is revoked.

Interested? Read on to find out how you can install NessTool on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch today.

How to Download NessTool for iOS :

Because NessTool is developed by TutuApp, that will be your starting point:

  1. Download TutuApp onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch tutuapp small new bg 4
  2. Open TutuApp and search for NessTool using the search bar, or you can click this ( link )
  3. Tap the search result that goes with your device model and iOS version
  4. Tap the Install button and follow any onscreen instructions
  5. When you see the NessTool icon on your home screen, the installation is complete but there is one more step to take
  6. Open Settings > General > Profiles and tap the NessTool profile
  7. Tap Trust, close Settings and NessTool is ready for use. nesstool_ipad_download

Using NessTool is simple; it will work very quietly in the background of your device, taking little in the way of space and memory resources and it will protect the certificates for any app that you download and use.

NessTool Alternatives :

If you want guidance on using a VPN and recommendations for other VPN services for iOS, check out our guide below:


NessTool is a clever app that will give you the freedom to browse and install whatever you want on your device in safety and security. Download it today using TutuApp installer, share your comments below and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. This is great and I want to download it, but my only issue is that I’m running adblock on my iPhone which is already running through a VPN. is there a way to run both this and the adblock?

      1. Plz help I cannot download nesstool and I’m afraid that my apps Will get revoked. I’m on iOS plz help thank you!

      2. Nesstool is not showing in tutu app and when i try to download it from the link , it says it cannot be downloaded…
        I tried using von and then downloading but still it is nit downloading.

  2. Hi
    The link doesn’t work for me, whenever I try and download it pops up an error message saying “Nesstool Could not be downloaded “. When I search for it on TutuApp then I can’t find it, has this become a VIP only feature? It used to be very easy to download and available to everyone. I can send screenshots or screen recordings if any developer or website manager would like me to.

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