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One game that has proven popular the world over is called Pokémon but, although it is a good game with loads of innovative features, it could be better, and that is where Pokémon Go++ comes in.pokemon go hacks

A modified version of the game, PokeGo++ and iSpoofer offers far more than the stock app does, giving users a much better experience and a far more competitive game.

How to Install Pokemon Go Hack:

*Tap to download directly without the installer.

Get PokeGo++ ( 120MB ):

PokeGo ++ Link 1

PokeGo++ Link 2

Get iSpoofer ( 102MB ):

iSpoofer Download Link 1

iSpoofer Download Link 2

  1. Download TutuApp ( Windows, iOS, or Android ) from whichever platform you are using
  2. Follow the instructions in your chosen guide to install TutuApp to your device
  3. Launch TutuApp on your PC or mobile device by tapping the icon on your home screen or desktop  tutuapp small new bg 4
  4. Go to the Search bar and type in PokeSniper
  5. Tap the right result and then tap on the Download button
  6. Follow any installation instructions on your screen
  7. Once the installation process has completed, you can start playing Pokémon Go on your device for free.

Pokemon Go Hack Features:

Pokémon Go++ is packed with useful features, including:

  • Not having to leave home to hunt the Pokémon
  • Built-in joystick control means you can hunt from the comfort of your own home
  • Trainer options that let you find and catch the most valuable Pokémon in the area
  • Loads of in-app customizations to let you make the game how you want it
  • Free to download and use pokemon_go_hack_2
  • Supports Android, PC and iOS devices
  • Android devices do not need to be rooted
  • Cydia is not required on iOS devices pokemon_go_hack_2
  • Simple installation instructions – you need to download TutuApp external installer first
  • Many more features

Got Issues Installing?

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PokeSniper is an excellent game, offering way more features than the stock Pokémon game offers. The new features and the extra functionality make the game far more rewarding and a whole lot more fun to play. Download it, see how you get on with it and don’t forget to tell us how you get on with it. If you run into any trouble, drop a line in the comments box below, and we’ll get back to you. Or you can follow us on Facebook for more updates and troubleshooting guides.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. bonjour je suis un jour de pokemon tekken mais depuis la dernière mise à jour, sur le serveur 7 quand j’essaie de me connecter cela me fait tout recommencer, le compte existe toujours car il est dans le classement mais je ny ai plus accès, comment faire? merci
    ps: jai investi beaucoup d’argent dans le jeu….

    1. Merci pour votre message. nos applications ont été révoquées par apple. ils sont en cours de restauration. s’il vous plaît essayer après un certain temps.

      English : Thank you for your message. our apps were revoked by apple. they are being restored. please try after some time

  2. Hi I could not verify Pokemon go and tutu I have reinstalled tutu and now have only the online store which is fine I downloaded Pokemon. Go ++ and it verified fine but it closes within seconds of opening I have reinstalled twice with the same results please help

  3. Hi, i downloaded this app beacause og pkm go. But i cant find pokego ++ on tutuapp, and u cant download it directly from your website, what should i do?

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