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The iOS app store is full of cool games, and plenty of them revolve around battles. If these are your kind of game, then you need to check out PuBG. Player Unknown Battlegrounds is proving to be popular among battle-game fans.

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And, It’s free to play


What is PuBG?

It is one of the latest battle game apps and is fast becoming the most popular, much of that because of what it offers. The app was designed exclusively for mobile, and it has a straightforward premise – survive. Be the last one alive on the battlefield and to help you, the game offers all these features and more:

Let’s dive in

  • High resolution, full HD graphics specially designed for mobile displays
  • Choose between playing on your own or teaming up with others, either a duo or a squad
  • Deathmatch and Zombie modes
  • Game controls can be customized
  • Voice chat enables interaction with others in your team
  • Training Mode
  • Several different, challenging terrains
  • Dynamic weather and night/day cycles on the maps
  • Ballistics and weapons behave realistically
  • 3D sound
  • Many different vehicles and weapons
  • Play first or third-person
  • Weekly and daily challenges and events
  • Updated with new features regularly

It doesn’t get any better than that!


Although it is a free game, there are some in-app purchases, and the game also offers you the choice of a subscription costing $0.99 a week – that gives you everything you want. If you really don’t want the temptation of these purchases – we all know how easy it is to tap ‘Buy Now” when playing – all you have to do is disable them:

  1. Go to your iOS Settings app and tap Screen Time
  2. Go into the Content & Privacy section and disable them

It’s that easy

How to Download PuBG:

You can only download PuBG from the iOS app store so tap the link below to go to it and tap Download:

Download PUBG on iOS

Your turn

Don’t miss out on one of the most famous battle games ever to be released for the iOS market. The graphics look fantastic, especially on the latest iPad and iPhone models, and, so long as you have iOS 9 or above and at least 3 GB space spare, you can play to your heart’s content.

Give it a go

Download PuBG today and join in one of the most addictive games ever. Follow us on Facebook for more cool tips.

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