Is TutuApp Safe?

With so many Cydia alternatives to choose from these days, it’s difficult to know which one to go for. One that has been around for some time now and has a proven track record is called TutuApp.

tutuapp safety

This was one of the first alternatives released to try to give back something that Cydia offered and, alongside the tons of unofficial apps and games, there are other tweaks that we can download to modify our iOS devices. But, given that TutuApp is not an official app, there are questions being raised about its safety.

Is TutuApp Safe?

safety tutu app

In a word, yes. The developers of TutuApp ( twitter ) have taken great care to ensure that their app installer is safe to use. They ensure that the installer is Free of Spam and, because you do not need to provide any personal details to register with the app or create any kind of ID, your identity is safe.  And the developers promise never to sell any information they may gain from you. However, you should always read the permissions that an app requests so you know exactly what to expect.

TutuApp has been downloaded by millions of people across the world, and, to date, there have been no complaints about the safety of the installer. The developers are vigilant, monitoring TutuApp daily to deal with any problems that may arise; regular security updates are applied to keep the security high and, where needed, bug fixes are applied straightaway.

In short, TutuApp is one of the safest app installers available to us today. However, you should cover your own back by doing two things:

  • Using anti-virus protection on your device. There is always the chance that a rogue app will make its way into the installer, and if you are not vigilant, you could end up installing malware.
  • Using a VPN. This will protect your identity and your location by hiding your online presence and allowing you to browse in complete safety and security. For more details on VPN services, check out our guide at Recommended VPN’s for TutuApp.

Downloading TutuApp:


Hopefully, you are convinced that TutuApp is one of the safest app installers to use, not to mention the most popular and that you can download it in complete safety. A full download guide for TutuApp can be found at the link below:

TutuApp is a great Cydia alternative, offering a great deal of choice. Being safe to use means that you can go ahead and download it right now with peace of mind.

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