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Spotify is the number one streaming app, but the free version is limited in what it offers. With Spotify++ that is no longer true because the modified app offers all those awesome features, “UNLOCKED”. Spotify plus

How to Download Spotify++:

* Following links direct download Spotify++ on iPhone.

Direct Download ( 58MB )

Alternate Download Link 1

Alternate Download Link 2

Alternate Download Link 3

We are going to show you two ways to get Spotify++, an iOS method, and an Android method. Neither involves going through the official appstore so pick your method and follow the steps.

Method 1: Using TutuApp

For this, you need an external app installer called TutuApp:

  1. Follow the tutorial at the link to download TutuApp on your device
  2. Open TutuApp on your device tutuapp small new bg 4
  3. Type Spotify++ into the search bar 
  4. Tap Install on the relevant Spotify++ result
  5. When the icon appears on your home screen Spotify++ is installed
  6. Open your Settings app
  7. Go to your Profiles page, through General, and you will see a list of the app profiles
  8. Find the World of Enterprise profile, tap it and then tap Trust
  9. Exit Settings and you can start using Spotify++ to stream your music.

Method 2: Using Emus4U

emus4u app original small

If the above steps don’t work for you, the only option left for downloading the Spotify++ app is Emus4U Store which is regularly updated for revoked apps. Download link below. Copy-paste in the browser.


Method 3: Spotify++ APK for Android

Spotify Plus APK ( 38.3MB )

This involves manually installing the Spotify++ APK on your device:

  1. Use the button above to download the Spotify++ APK to your device
  2. Open your Settings app and go to Enable the Unknown Sources option android unknown sources
  3. Open the Apk file on your Android device and install it
  4. You may now begin using Spotify++ on your Android device

Spotify++ Features:

With all the features of the free Spotify app, Spotify++ also gives us:

  • No irritating ads
  • No limits on downloads
  • Millions of more tracks
  • Unlimited track skips and track scrubbing
  • No jailbreak required
  • Free to use
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Many more features

Spotify++ is one of the best-modified apps we have at our disposal. Offering the premium and in-app features, you should all download it and try it, get all your music for free, without having to jailbreak your device.  Follow us on Facebook for the best app recommendations.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. Hi Tutuapp Vip
    I am currently having Vip
    On my iPad but unable to run the app
    Everytime I open, it just make a blank screen.
    Even if I installed Nestool as recommended but nothing works. I have Vip on my iPhone too, and it works fine.
    Can you help me plEase, thanks

    1. Sorry for that Trương Hữu Hoàng. We had our certificated revoked. We are in the process of reinstationg the certificates. It will be done in 1-2 days times .

      please be patient

  2. Thanks for your reply
    But it only happens on my iPad . But my iPhone works fine with tutu .
    Does it only happen with iPad?

  3. Everytime I download Spotify++ it always turns black and i can’t click on it. This has happened multiple times. I had the app and it was running somehow it stopped working so i tried to download it again and again but it would just turn a gray color and wouldn’t work I have tried everything

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