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It’s no secret that Spotify is the number one music streaming service in the world. Over 200,000 active users every month can testify to that and almost half of those pay for the premium or Elite version just to get those extra features. The big question is, do you stay with the Free version or do you pay?

spotify plus

Let’s take a closer look

Spotify Plus Pros:


The reasons why Spotify is so popular are because of what it offers:

  • Over 35 million music tracks
  • The opportunity to get unlimited streaming
  • Works on all major platforms – desktop and mobile
  • Multiple plans on offer – free and paid
  • Built-in social networking tools
  • Offline mode
  • Free trial on the premium plan
  • Easy to use

But beware

Spotify Plus Cons:


There are some downsides to it:

  • The free version is ad-supported
  • Free plan – unlimited streaming runs out after 6 months
  • US app users cannot directly purchase DRM-free music
  • Radio facility only on the European app
  • The free plan does NOT offer offline listening
  • In the US, you must be invited for a free trial of the premium plan

Wait, there’s more

Spotify Free Version Benefits:

Download on iPhone

Download on Android

If you want music on demand, but you don’t want to play for it every month, then the free version will suit you fine. You get unlimited streaming, although there are a few ads, for the first 6 months – after that it’s 10 hours a month. The ads are not overbearing, and there are plenty of other features to keep you amused. You can even use it on both mobile and desktop.

Cool, right?

Premium Version Benefits:

spotify plus app tutuapp

For the price of one album per month, you can have everything. Unlimited streaming for as long as your subscription lasts, no ads, and it’s a much faster app. You get the offline mode, which means no more waiting for an internet connection to use it. And with exclusive content and the fact that you can stream using a compatible home theater system, the Pro version is looking good for the money.


It gets better

Student Discount Available:spotify student

Students who are at an accredited university or college can take advantage of another benefit – 50% off the premium plan price. So you get all those great premium features for just $5 per month.

But that’s not all

You also get free subscriptions to both Hulu and Showtime threw in too. And you can renew your subscription three times at this price, so long as you are still enrolled at college.

The bottom line is

Our Recommendation:

It’s down to you.

If you are not bothered by a few ads, or by not having offline mode then go for the free version. Just be aware that your unlimited streaming does run out after 6 months. If you want a faster app, more features, offline mode, no ads and much more, then choose the premium version.

It’s your choice.

Additional Information:

App Name:
Spotify Inc.
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  1. Hi Tutuapp Vip
    I am currently having Vip
    On my iPad but unable to run the app
    Everytime I open, it just make a blank screen.
    Even if I installed Nestool as recommended but nothing works. I have Vip on my iPhone too, and it works fine.
    Can you help me plEase, thanks

    1. Sorry for that Trương Hữu Hoàng. We had our certificated revoked. We are in the process of reinstationg the certificates. It will be done in 1-2 days times .

      please be patient

  2. Thanks for your reply
    But it only happens on my iPad . But my iPhone works fine with tutu .
    Does it only happen with iPad?

  3. Everytime I download Spotify++ it always turns black and i can’t click on it. This has happened multiple times. I had the app and it was running somehow it stopped working so i tried to download it again and again but it would just turn a gray color and wouldn’t work I have tried everything

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