Do you use messaging apps to stay in touch? Have you tried WhatsApp? It’s not the same as the standard messaging apps, offering some unique and exciting features.

whatsapp plus

Great news!

It’s completely free to use


What is WhatsApp?

It is the number one messaging app in the world, boasting over 1.6 billion users every month, and with the features it offers, that number continues to rise. Why is it so popular? Because it is more than just a messaging app. WhatsApp is also a telephony app that gives you your own phone number so you can make and receive calls wherever.


Because it is a telephony app, there is no support for the iPad, only the iPhone. And, because it makes use of your iPhone internet connection, you may be liable for data charges when your data connection is used – just check with your data provider.

Let’s move on

App Features:

WhatsApp offers loads of useful and cool features:

  • It is completely free
  • Uses your device internet connection
  • Get your own WhatsApp number and use it to make and receive calls
  • Send and receive media files, documents and more
  • Make calls to any number in the world*
  • Group chat
  • There is also a web app that you can use for messaging
  • Optional location sharing
  • Always logged on
  • Business or personal use
  • Notification sounds and wallpaper can be customized

* Emergency numbers such as 112 are not supported

So many features!

How to Download WhatsApp:

There is just one way to install WhatsApp on your iPhone, and that is to go to the iOS app store. Tap on the direct link below to go to the app and then download it:

Download WhatsApp on iOS

It really is that simple

There are thousands of messaging apps, and some of them are pretty good. Others offer very little in the way of decent features, and none of them offer what WhatsApp does. It is free to use, there are no in-app purchases to worry about, and you get your own phone number.

Your turn

Whether you want a personal messaging app or a business, one WhatsApp is perfect.  The always-on connection means never having to worry about missing another call, and even when your phone is off, you can still get your messages when you switch it back on.

Download it – it won’t cost you anything to try it.

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