Alight Motion

How many times have you shot video with your mobile phone and wondered how to make your shots look more professional? That’s where Alight Motion comes in.

Alight Motion

Let your creativity run riot with Alight Motion app on your device.

What is Alight Motion?

alight motion application

Released in 2018, Alight Motion is one of the best motion design apps in the world, brining you the best, most professional features for little money. It is packed with cool features, including a full video-editing suite, tons of visual effects, animations, and so much more, all designed to give your videos a professional look.

Alight Motion Features:

Downloading this app gives you access to features that can turn your videos from standard, run-of-the-mill to professional in just a few minutes:

  • Free to use but the features are limited
  • Choice of affordable subscription options
  • Get a 3-day free trial on the paid version
  • Create stunning visuals with tons of building blocks
  • Support for Keyframe animation and Masks
  • Change your colors
  • Create incredibly smooth videos with high-speed motion blur
  • Edit vector graphics directly on your device with vector and bitmap support
  • Tons of effects, including gradient-fill, solid-fill, shadow, stroke, border, and much more
  • Use bookmarks to help you edit your videos
  • Lots of video export options
  • Save some elements of your creations to use in another project
  • Custom fonts
  • Camera options, such as pan, zoom, and more
  • Requires 1.5 GB RAM or more
  • Plenty more cool features

You can easily use Alight Motion for free, but you’ll find all your videos are watermarked and other features are limited. To get the best from the app, sign up for a subscription:

  • Weekly: $4.99
  • Monthly: $6.99
  • Annual: $28.99

How to Download Alight Motion:

If it’s professional looking videos you want, Alight Motion is the app for you. It couldn’t be simpler to download: search your app store or click a link below to download it onto your device. If you decide to try a subscription, you can enjoy it free for 3 days to let you see what it’s all about:

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader


Alight Motion will work on a wide range of mobile devices, provided they are running the following firmware versions:

  • iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on iOS 14.4 or higher, Apple Vision on visionOS 1.0 or higher
  • Android: version 7.0 or higher

If you want to create professional-looking videos on your mobile phone or tablet, you can’t go wrong with Alight Motion. Although the free version is limited in features, a paid subscription is not expensive, not when you consider all the features you get to use.

Let your creative side out to play by downloading Alight Motion today, and become the best, most professional video creator you can be. Keep your creations for yourself or share them with others and showcase your growing talents.