If you are looking for a fun game you can play anywhere, anytime, download Minecraft Pocket Edition onto your mobile device.minecraft game

A popular game, Minecraft suits all players, young and old.

What is Minecraft?minecraft game app

Minecraft is a 3D game that started life as a small game from an Indie developer. Now, it’s one of the biggest games in the world, certainly one of the most downloaded, and is one of the most downloaded on all platforms. A sandbox game, players start out in an empty infinite world full of different biomes – forests, oceans, mountains, plains, caves, and more. It doesn’t have a goal, only to survive, and players do this by exploring for resources, building a home, and raising crops and animals. Along the way, players will face all manner of creatures, some more dangerous than others, and beating them is the key to survival. Players can choose between Creative and Survival modes – Survival mode requires players to eat, build, and hunt to survive, while Creative mode doesn’t.

Minecraft Features:

Regardless of the mode you choose to play, Minecraft offers loads of features:

  • Create a world and explore other worlds
  • Build a home – as straightforward or as complex as you like
  • Climb mountains, explore caves, head down into the mines, or go for a swim and explore underwater
  • Find or build the resources you need to survive
  • Head to the Marketplace to purchase other players’ creations, including skins, buildings, maps, and much more,
  • Technically-minded players can tweak their gameplay
  • Make your own armor, weapons, and traps
  • Build a farm or garden, raise livestock, and grow crops for food
  • Fight Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Spiders, Endermen and more
  • Play solo or against other players

How to Download Minecraft:

Minecraft can be played on multiple platforms. To play Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) on iOS and Android phone, click on the download button below.

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Minecraft is not a free app; downloading the Pocket Edition onto your Android device will cost $6.99. You can also play it on iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms. It also offers a series of in-app purchases, starting at $1.99, or you can sign up for a Minecraft: Realms subscription at $7.99 per month, where you can play with your friends on your own server.

Microsoft is over 10 years old now and, with each year that passes, it grows even more popular. While it was originally aimed at kids, it is now played by adults the world over, so join in the fun; download Minecraft onto your device today and start building your own world.