One Shade

Are you fed up with your Android notifications? Want a way to make your phone feel like it’s yours and not be stuck with the official settings? Then, have a look at One Shade.


One Shade is one of the best customization apps available for the Android market.

What is One Shade?


One Shade is the brainchild of ZipoApps, and it was released in 2024 to give Android users more control over how parts of their devices looked and worked. It’s a customization app that helps you customize your Quick Settings and Notifications, and it changes how you use your device. It has plenty of features and is free to use.

One Shade App Features:

One Shade offers users several cool features, providing features that you would once have only gotten by rooting your device or installing custom ROMS:

  • Free to use but ad-supported
  • Replace your stock Notifications bar with a customizable, modern version
  • Personalize every element of it
  • Set advanced notification settings – Get, Snooze, Read, or Dismiss
  • Control your music and have dynamic colors based on the music’s artwork
  • Quick Reply setting for all messages
  • Auto Bundle feature groups notifications by app on your new bar
  • Customize your background picture
  • Change the icon color on your Quick Settings panel
  • Choose a profile picture and change your icon shapes
  • Changer the grid layout on your Quick Settings panel
  • Easy to use with step-by-step instructions all the way
  • No need to root
  • Auto Expanding Notifications
  • And so much more

One Shade also offers a choice of Android 10-inspired Notification card themes:

  • Light: Standard notifications
  • Colored: Sets the card background as the notification’s color
  • Dark: all notifications blended on a black background

How to Download One Shade:

One Shade is a cool app for those who want to personalize how their device looks and how they use certain aspects of it, giving them control over Quick Settings and Notifications. Downloading it couldn’t be simpler but it is only available for Android users. Head to the Play Store and download it from there, or hit the direct download button below to get it on your device. You must be running Android version 9.0 or higher to use it:

Android APK Downloader

If you are bored with how your phone looks or want more control over your Quick Settings panel or how you interact with your Notifications, you need to look at the One Shade app. Everything this app allows you to do was once only available through the risky practice of rooting your device, but now you can have it all for free. The app is ad-supported, but you can remove these with an in-app purchase. Go ahead, download One Shade today, start customizing your device, and take control of your notifications once and for all.