Are you looking for a cool messaging app? A great way of keeping in touch with friends and family? Look no further than WhatsApp, one of the best messaging apps with some cool features.


What is WhatsApp?

One of the top messaging apps in the world, more than 1.5 billion people use it every month to connect with others all over the world. With your own WhatsApp number, you can easily interact with friends and family using the internet connection on your iPhone or iPad.


Because it is a telephony app, it only works on the iPhone; no support is provided for any other iOS device. And, because it does use your device’s internet, you could be liable for data charges -call your provider to check.

How to Download WhatsApp:

Download WhatsApp onto your iPhone from the iOS app store or click the link below and click Download when WhatsApp opens in the store:

Download Page Link

WhatsApp Features:

  • Free to download and use
  • Uses your iPhone internet – data or Wi-Fi
  • Used for voice calls, video calls, and messages
  • Send and receive photos, videos, and documents
  • Free calls anywhere in the world*
  • Group chat supported
  • Web app you can use with your login
  • Always-on so you never miss calls or messages
  • The optional location sharing feature
  • Messages are always saved even when your iPhone is switched off
  • Ideal for business and personal use
  • Notification sounds and wallpapers can be customized
  • Lots of other features

* emergency calling to 999/112 or other emergency numbers is not supported

The official app store is full of messaging apps, but few of them offer the features that WhatsApp has, and few, if any, are completely free with no in-app purchases. This one makes staying in touch very easy, not just for friends and family but for business contacts too. Many businesses now use WhatsApp, partly to stay up with the times and partly to ensure they never miss an important call.

Try WhatsApp on your iPhone today and see just how easy it is to use and what it can offer you in terms of both business and fun personal features. It’s completely free, so you’ve nothing to lose by trying it. For more app recommendations and tips, follow us on Facebook.