Did you ever watch the film “Contagion?” Do you want to get an idea of how a deadly pathogen could infect the world? Then, have a look at Plague Inc.plague

Plague Inc. is one of the most exciting and terrifying games, a simulation game where you have control over the life and death of the entire human population.

What is Plague Inc.?


Released in 2024, Plague Inc. was developed by Ndemic Creations, an independent British studio. Its inspiration came from two places: a game called Pandemic 2 from 2008 and that well-known film, “Contagion.” You get to create a deadly pathogen, infect Patient Zero, and choose how far and how badly it will spread around the world. It’s down to you to decide whether the human population survives – can you really go that far?

Plague Game Features:

Plague Inc. is one of the most realistic games of its kind, a fascinating, innovative game that also educates people on public health issues. Its features are second to none:

  • Costs $0.99 and also offers in-app purchases
  • Incredible detail, one of the most realistic games of its kind
  • Incredible graphics
  • 12 different diseases, 12 different strategies for you to master
  • Load/Save functionality
  • Spread the pathogen across more than 50 countries
  • Evolve thousands of different traits and adapt to thousands of different world events
  • Work your way up the scoreboard
  • Expansions included the Neurax Work, Speed Runs, Necroa Virus, and plenty more scenarios, all based on real life
  • Save the world or let it die – it’s your choice
  • Loads more features

How to Download Plague Game:

Plague Inc. is the game for you if you want to get firsthand experience of how a pathogen can spread so fast, like the recent Coronavirus pandemic. With tons of features, this is one game that shouldn’t be fun to play but it is, so download it on your device today using the direct download links below.

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader


Plague Inc. is compatible with plenty of devices from early firmware versions upwards:

  • Android: needs version 4.4 and up – works on most devices
  • iOS: needs iOS 9.3 on iPhone/iPod Touch, iPadOS 9.3 or above on iPad, and visionOS 1.0 or later on Apple Vision

Some games are meant to be fun, while others are meant to be terrifying. Plague Inc. manages to combine elements of both, along with a bit of education, making it unique and innovative. With millions of downloads, it has proved to be one of the most popular of its type, and despite being an old game, it is still enjoying new downloads to this day. Join the terror by downloading Plague Inc. onto your device today and make your choice – save the world or kill off all humanity. What will you do?