Rope Hero

Do you love RPG games? Ever fancied being a superhero? Then you need to play Rope Hero: Vice Town.rope hero

Rope Hero: Vice Town takes role playing games to the next level with a ton of cool features and hours of fun.

What is Rope Hero: Vice Town?

rope hero

It’s thanks to Naveex Ltd that we have such a fun game as Rope Hero: Vice Town. Released in  2016, this is one of the most entertaining and action-packed role-playing games ever released. It really is a very simple game: you are a superhero with the best rope abilities in the world, and it’s your job to save the town from becoming crime central.

Rope Hero: Vice Town Features:

Packed with cool features, Rope Hero: Vice Town provides an amazing amount of fun:

  • Free, although in-app purchases are available
  • You are a superhero with the best rope skills in the world
  • Explore the town by swinging between buildings and climbing to the top
  • The game is directed by you and the adventure is yours to create
  • Battle different enemies, from street gangs to the top criminal masterminds
  • Find collectible items hidden around the town
  • In-game shop where you can upgrade your weapons
  • Customize your character’s appearance and skills
  • Take part in missions, police chases, mafia wars, and uncover the secrets hidden in the town
  • Play in the Zombie Arena: extreme action helps you refine your skills and strategy skills as you fight the zombies to earn rewards
  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Third-person shooter RPG gaming at its best
  • Cool weapons, including the Freezer, which lets you freeze vehicles and vehicles; the Gravigun, which draws your enemies to you; Flamethrower that lets you set fire to whatever you want; and the Dance Gun, which lets you have a lot of fun by making your enemy dance
  • Built-in Selfie Stick, so you can take photos of your game and share them
  • Adventure features for your superhero include a skateboard to make getting around the town fun, a parachute, and a glider
  • Choose from different robot features to help you in your quest– a suit, plane, tank, car, and ball
  • Tons more fun features

How to Download Rope Hero: Vice Town

If it’s fun you are after, Rope Hero: Vice Town is the game for you. Download it easily onto your device by clicking one of the links below or head to your app store, find it, and download it:

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader


Rope Hero: Vice Town works on most devices that run the firmware versions listed below:

  • iOS: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad on iOS/iPadOS 15.0 or higher, and Apple Vision on visionOS 1.0 or later
  • Android: version 5.1 or higher

Rope Hero: Vice Town also works on Mac computers with a minimum M1 Apple chip and macOS 12.0 or above.

Rope Hero: Vice Town is incredibly fun and one of the most addictive RPG adventure games ever. Download it on your device today and take control of the town.