The Sims

Do you play The Sims ? Have you tried The Sims? Exactly the same game premise, The Sims is designed exclusively for mobile users so you can play where you want, when you want.


The Sims Game Features:

The Sims is the same as the standard game but for mobile users. You still get to create your characters and live a life you’ve always dreamed of. And there are plenty of features to take advantage of too.


  • Create your characters from scratch
  • Complete customization – characters, home, work, car, everything
  • Design your own home and expand it throughout the game
  • Build your town up, add shops, gyms, restaurants, car dealerships, even a beach
  • Earn Lifestyle points and spend them on new items
  • Visit friends and family and build new relationships
  • Raise a family, own a pet, throw a party, anything you want
  • Go to Sims™ days at the Police Station, Movie Studio and hospital
  • Build up a dream career and push yourself to earn more money
  • Give your characters some hobbies
  • Give your Sims™ the life you always dreamed of for yourself
  • Loads more fabulous features

How to Download The Sims:

Downloading the game couldn’t be easier; just visit the app store or tap the link below to download it.

Download Page Link

Although The Sims is free to download and use there are in-app purchases. You can easily disable these, not a bad idea if you share your iPhone or iPad with your kids! Open your iOS Settings app, tap on Screen Time and then on Content & Privacy. From there you can disable all in-app purchases.

You won’t regret downloading The Sims . It is a fully-featured Sims game, designed and optimized for mobile use, giving you the chance to play whenever and wherever you want to. No longer do you have to wait until you get home to play – immerse yourself in the game on the train, the bus, during your lunch break, any time of the day or night. All you need is an active internet connection.

Don’t get left behind. Play The Sims on your iPhone or iPad today; tell us what you think of the game – is at as good as the desktop version? And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more tips.