Pokemon Go

Calling all fans of Pokémon Go! The Pokémon Go Plus is now available and helps you to get further in the game! It’s just a tiny device that connects to the app using Bluetooth, but it offers some tremendous benefits.

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Pokémon Go is undoubtedly one of the most popular games, more of a craze, really, and the Pokémon Go Plus makes it a safer and better game all around. With the mobile app, you can see and capture Pokémon wherever you are, even at your local grocery store, but, because it takes your attention, it has been the cause of more than one accident.


The Pokémon Go Plus vibrates to tell you when there is a Pokémon nearby, meaning you can concentrate on going about your daily life in safety. As well as capturing the Pokémon, it lets you collect items and eggs.

Pokémon Go Plus Benefits:

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PokeGo Plus offers users plenty of great benefits:

  • Catch Pokémon much easier. When you are near one, the PokeGo Plus vibrates and flashes green. If it is a new species, the light is yellow. pokemon-go-plus-device
  • You will use one Poke Ball, but if you don’t have any, the light flashes red. None of your Ultra or Great Balls will be used.
  • Pressing the PokeGo Plus button will start an attempt to capture the Pokémon. If successful, a message flashes up on your iPhone or iPad telling you and if the Pokémon escapes, another message appears. The Go Plus vibrates on the successful catch, and the light goes through 7 colors. For an unsuccessful attempt, the light flashes red.
  • The light will flash blue when you are close to a PokeStop; press the Go Plus button, and you can collect items. The Go Plus flashes through seven colors and vibrates, and all collected items will show on the screen of your iPad and iPhone.
  • The app has an activity log; check it to see what items and Pokémon have been collected while your iOS device is asleep

See the review video below:

The question now is, do you buy one? The answer to that depends on your level of gameplay. If you are a serious player, then the Pokémon Go Plus will prove very useful and up your level of game playing. For those that only play occasionally, it probably won’t be of any benefit to you.

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