Do you love to download torrent files onto your PC or Mac? Do you use an app called iTransmission to do it? Then you might just be interested in iTransmission, an app that lets you do exactly the same on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It’s a great app, and it’s free to download.


There’s a catch though

You cannot download iTransmission from the iOS app store; Apple is a little picky about what they let into the store, and they don’t like torrent files, believing they are not safe, so they won’t give you a way of downloading them. Want to know how to download iTransmission? For FREE?

Here’s the answer

How to Download iTransmission App:

Direct Download Link

The solution is to download TutuApp VIP first. TutuApp VIP is another app store, a third-party one that is full of unofficial apps, games, Cydia tweaks, and apps like iTransmission that you cannot get from anywhere else.

It’s really simple

Download TutuApp VIP onto your iPad or iPhone, open it, and find the app; you can install it straight to your device from here.

We’re not through yet

App Features:

Here’s what you get with the app.

  • It’s free
  • You don’t need to download Cydia first
  • You can add new torrents using the + icon
  • You can stop and start your torrent downloads easily
  • Download over Wi-Fi or cellular data
  • See information about your torrents easily
  • User-friendly app
  • Much more

Still not convinced?

Just try it. The app is entirely free to download. You won’t be losing anything to try it, and you will find that, compared to other apps of its type, iTransmission is the best in its class.  Try it, tell us how you get on and get more cool and useful tips by following us on Facebook.

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