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The TutuApp appstore is full of awesome apps and games. It works on both the iPhone and Android devices.


How to Download TutuApp:

TutuApp can be downloaded and installed on iOS, Android, and PC ( Personal Computer ) running Microsoft Windows and Mac.

Method 1: for iOS Devices

Follow the steps below to download TutuApp on iOS devices.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

  1. Tap the download button above.tutuapp profile-settings-open
  2. Tap the Allow option when you see the popup, as shown above.
  3. Now tap on the Install option under Install Profile option, as shown here.tutuapp profile iphone x
  4. Enter your iPhone passcode and tap on Install once again when asked.
  5. Come back to the home screen and start using the TutuApp without any issues.
  6. Enjoy the many apps on Tutu App. If the app doesn’t install correctly, you must go back and do these steps again, or try a Free Alternative App like TutuApp.

Method 2: for Android

tutuapp android apk

TutuApp is supported on the latest Android 9 and allows free download of apps and games on your device. Download instructions could be found in the link below.

TutuApp Android

Method 3: for Windows PC and Mac

tutuapp pc

PC or Personal Computer users are not left behind, and the Tutu Helper app also supports runnings free apps and games from the Tutu AppStore on your Windows PC and Mac computer from Apple.

TutuApp PC & Mac

How-to Fix Untrusted Developer: untrusted enterprise developer error

New unofficial and 3rd-party apps and games are more popular now than ever before, but Apple still doesn’t want you to have it on your device. By showing you an Untrusted Developer error when you try to use this content, they hope to stop you, but you can fix this very simply:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap on General and then Profiles
  3. Tap the Tutu App in the app profile list
  4. Trust the app and then close Settings
  5. The error will no longer appear when you use the app

Frequently Asked Questions:


TutuApp is one of the best app installers, but if you need more information, you can check out the answers to our frequently asked questions:

Common Error Fix:

While TutuApp errors are rare, they do happen but are nothing to worry about; find details of the commonest errors and their solutions below:

Fix App and Games Crashing:


When you download TutuApp on your device, sometimes it will crash inside of a few days because Apple revokes the app certificates. There is a simple way to prevent this happening; download a VPN, and your app certificates will be protected from being revoked again and again.

Still Got Problems?

Ask TutuApp Developers

TutuApp is very easy to download, multi-platform, and free. Choose your download method, and don’t forget to tell us what you think of it. Follow us on Facebook, and we’ll keep you updated with all the latest news.

TutuApp Alternatives:

Are you looking for Apps Like TutuApp, then check out our top recommendations.

panda helper original 120px

Panda Helper is a relatively new third-party installer, but it is full of content. Copy-Paste URL below on your browser to access.

Other Languages:

Français | Português | Tiếng Việt | हिंदी

Additional Information:

App Name:
TutuApp Inc.
*Found a Broken Link? Report it below.


  1. This is so cool. I use TutuApp and it is having no problem. Only when Apple revokes certificates and my TutuApp stops working. Is there a solution to this problem. I want to permanently fix this issue.

  2. Hi ,
    Could u please update Batman arkham ? Can’t be installed since few months by apparently many people in comments…
    Thx 4 ur work 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

      1. It doesn’t let me download nesstool and now my phone is messing up doesn’t let me call how can I fix this

    1. thanks a bunch for reporting that Mikael. We checked and downloads were working for the links. They might be revoked back when you tried. Can you please try and confirm this time.

  3. Dear TutuApp VIP,
    Hello, i am having problems with installing Instagram++ .
    Downloading the app takes long (around 5mins),
    …although downloading/installing Instagram++ never completes because there is a pop-up message saying;
    “Unable to Download App: Instagram++ could not be downloaded at this time.”
    ….May you please fix this problem.

    Kind Regards.

  4. Yooo, tutu wont download, been trying for last 3 days, this morning i got it but a few hours later it timed out:(((.

  5. Trying to contact on here is a mission , I’ve purchased vip version and i have to delete and reinstall the tutu app every day ? It says I have no vip on this device which is untrue

    1. Sí, fue revocado hace algún tiempo. Los desarrolladores están intentando arreglarlo por días. Si llegan a una solución, seremos los primeros en actualizarlo sobre la misma. Por favor, siga nuestro sitio web para las últimas actualizaciones.

  6. Hi I’m trying to renew my subscription. When I put my UDID to pay I can’t get past that point as it says user doesn’t exist.
    Any idea what I can do to get past this point?

    1. hi, at the moment VIP subscriptions are halted due to certificate registration issue. As you might be aware that there is a large scale revoke issue plaguing 3rd party app installers. We will restart this, in the meantime use the LITE version of our app.

  7. I bought your app for the use of two apps only and I don’t care about any others the apps I want are land glide which worked a day or two and quit then I have to wait a few days and reinstall and it only works for a day or two the other app is ONX Hunt which don’t work at all. Can you help me please. I have an iPhone 6s Plus. Thank you.

  8. I downloaded apps from tutuapp,but when they finish downloading i will not open”can’t install app” please how can i fix it?

  9. When I go on it give me a blank screen with 500/internet server error in the top left corner. How do I fix this?

  10. J’arrive pas à l’installer sur mon profile car l’application n’es pas vérifier sur mon profil ☹️

  11. Hi! I’m a VIP and I’ve been trying to download simpsons tapped out and plant vs zombies 2. None of them works, cant install it to my ipad. Please help.

    1. Cảm ơn bạn cho ý kiến của các bạn. Tải về TutuApp và sử dụng nó. Nếu có bất kỳ vấn đề, xin vui lòng cho chúng tôi biết

    1. Merci d’avoir téléchargé TutuApp. S’il y a des problèmes, s’il vous plaît laissez-nous savoir.

  12. I want to get tutuapp to play my favorite games but i can’t download anything because when I downloaded it says that it can’t get verified, can someone help me?

  13. I purchased a vip account a few days ago and downloaded the app to my iphone. I am trying to put it on my ipad as well but cannot access my order number. I purchased the subscription using the guest paypal feature which did not require paypal signup. How can i get my order number to bind accounts?

  14. Since I bought a VIP yesterday and downgraded the iPad from iOS 13 to iOS 12, the Tutuapp is not installed.

    Attached is a receipt paid on Paypal as proof.

    TutuApp VIP
    상품 #: 5d5fc9dab1e3c4
    $12.99 USD 1 $12.99 USD

    할인: -$0.00 USD
    보험: —-
    총계: $12.99 USD
    영수증 번호: 1918-3518-1960-4725

    Currently, the iPad’s device number is labeled 00008027-001068D902E3002E on the Tutuapp web.

  15. Buenas tardes tengo problemas con la aplicación no me deja descargar un WhatsApp alternativo y realmente es lo q me interesa

  16. Hi,

    I had to reinstall tutuapp because my app did not work anymore. Maybe because the tutuapp updated or any other reason. I deleted the app and tried to reinstall. But when I reinstall the app it did not work. My screen stayed white and i couldnt get in whatever I tried.

    I tried buying a new tutuapp vip because when I buy the VIP it doesnt give me any login information and I was confused how tutuapp can specify that i bought it already.

    When i bought it I could instand go in the app without any problems.

    But now i have payed for 2 times tutu app vip in les then 2 weeks. This is a waste of my money.

    I asked my problem on facebook messenger but I dont get any response.

    I would like to know if I ever have to reinstall the app again how tutuapp can specify I am a VIP member and not have to buy a 3th account.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Sharon, we understand your frustration. We are not the official tutu app. This is a fan page. You have to contact TutuApp developers via Email or their official Twitter handle for premium support. We can only help you in basic troubleshooting. If you want to avoid all this , and get a better app installer, try these TutuApp Alternative App Installers.

  17. Hi there Pokémon go is saying to please update to version 4 to continue…. any idea how long before it’s fixed or how to fix I uninstalled both spoof and actual and reinstalled but still not working…. I’m having withdrawals I love your game!!!!

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