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TutuApp APK is the top source of downloading unofficial Android APK files on your phone without “Rooting”.tutuapp

Update: The TutuApp for Android is not working correctly. We recommend installing the HappyMod app for downloading modified games and apps.

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To download Tutu App APK, use the download links below.

TutuApp APK Link 1

How to Install TutuApp on Android:

  1. On your device, download TutuApp APK file from the download button above. tutuapp android
  2. Ignore the security alert and Press OK, as shown above.
  3. Open the APK file on your Android device. In Chrome Settings, enable Allow from this Source option when asked. tutuapp chromeallow from this source tutuapp
  4. Now go back and tap the APK File to start the installation
  5. Leave your device alone until the installation has completed and then you can begin to use it
  6. If TutuApp download is not working on your Android device, then download an alternative app installer like TutuApp while the developer team fixes all issues.

How to Use TutuApp on Android:

  1. After you have downloaded and installed the TutuApp APK, launch the app from your device home screen
  2. Here you will find various categories of Android apps and games categorized based on user interest and Top Trending apps and games for the latest downloads. tutuapp vip
  3. Tap on any of the categories and you will come across a list of Apps and Games. Tap on the app and then tap on the download button to install.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Fix TutuApp App Has Stopped Working

Method 1: Reset App Preferences:

  1. Open Android Settings > Apps ( or App Manager, depending on the Android version you have installed )
  2. Tap the All Apps Menu and then Reset All Preferences
  3. Tap Reset Now and TutuApp should now work

Method 2: Clear Package Installer Data and Cache:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps
  2. Tap System Apps > Package Installer
  3. Tap Clear Data and then Clear Cache
  4. Try again – the installer should work

For those on Android Marshmallow, go to Storage to find these options

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

  1. In your Settings app, go to Security
  2. Check the box beside Unknown Sources to enable it android security unknown sources
  3. Try TutuApp again.

If it still doesn’t work, delete it and reinstall it, making sure that option remains enabled.

  • Fix TutuApp App Not Installed

Method 1: Clear Package Installer Data and Cache

  1. Open Android Settings > Apps ( App Manager )
  2. Tap on System Apps
  3. Tap on Package Installer
  4. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache in turn

For Marshmallow users, these options are in Storage

Method 2: Enable Unknown Sources

  1. Open Settings > Security
  2. Find the Unknown Sources option and make sure it is enabled
  3. If the app still doesn’t work, delete it
  4. Keep Unknown Sources enabled and reinstall the app

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does TutuApp Have Any Viruses?

No, it doesn’t. The developers have ensured that it is 100% safe to use, and they continually update it to keep it that way. You should use your own anti-virus software on your device anyway, just as a precaution. If you want to install TutuApp on your Android device, just go to the official TutuApp website and download it. While the app itself is not a virus, and it doesn’t have any, it is an unofficial third-party app, and it does contain tweaks that can change the way your device performs.

  • Is there a Tutu App for Android?

Yes. You can download the TutuApp APK file from the links above. Install and start downloading unofficial apps.

  • Is TutuApp Safe for Android?

Yes. TutuApp is a safe and reliable app. All apk files available on the TutuApp store is tested with anti-virus for any known spyware or malware infection before being uploaded to the store.

  • Can TutuApp Mess your Phone?

No. TutuApp for Android is safe to download and use. It is tested for reliability and several version of the app has been released since the year 2016, improving its performance with each update.

  • Is the VIP Service Supported on the TutuApp Android App?

No. At this time, the VIP service is “Not Available” on the Android version of TutuApp.

  • How to install TutuApp on PC?

To install the TutuApp on a computer you have to first install the Nox Player on your computer. Then download the TutuApp APK from the links on this page and install it on your computer using the Nox Player emulator.

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  1. TutuApp is great. I love it because you can download awesome apps and games from it on your phone. But recently it’s not working. How to Fix the problem?

    • Terima kasih kerana komen anda. Ya, ia dibatalkan sedikit masa. kita berada di atasnya, dan akan memperbaikinya seketika.

  2. Sy baru download dan install tutuapps ini, kemudian sy download pokemon go mod tetapi masalahnya xdpt install pokemon go mod itu juga. Apa masalahnya ye?

  3. When I downloaded it and did all the instructions it said app not installed and then that’s it… Did nothing else 🙁

  4. Hey this app is all around amazing it’s just that everytime It has an update it won’t update the APK won’t install please help!!!


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