Apps Like TutuApp

TutuApp isn’t perfect. There may be times when you are unable to use TutuApp.


For those times we bring you some of the best TutuApp alternatives, listed below.

Top TutuApp Alternatives:

The following apps work just like TutuApp and require no jailbreaking or rooting of your phone to install.

  • iOSHaven App


iOSHaven app is a new app installer that offers users a massive choice of unofficial and modified apps, games, and other 3rd-party content. iOSHaven works directly on your browser, and no installation is required.

Download iOSHaven

  • AppCake App 

AppCake is for iOS users, that allows the installation of .ipa files of any app or game downloaded from the web. Apart from this, the AppCake appstore hosts many different unofficial and modified apps and games for iPhone and iPad.

Download AppCake

  • EonHub App

eonhub app

EonHub app is a new alternative iOS appstore for those who don’t want to jailbreak or use a computer to install apps on their iPhone or iPad.

Download EonHub

We hope you liked the above list of TutuApp alternatives. Please let us know in the comments below if the apps listed above did not work for you, or you want to add a new app-store to the existing list. We will be happy to update this page with new and better alternatives for those who cannot get TutuAp working on their phones.

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  1. When I try to download Pokémon go from TutuApp lite I can download Pokémon go but when I click on ITV it says it’s not trusted. Do you know how to fix this or any alternatives? I haven’t been able to spoof in over a month now


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