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Scarlet is a third-party appstore for iPhones and iPad.

scarlet app

You can download Scarlet app from the link below.

Download Link 1

How to Install Scarlet App:

  1. Open the Safari browser and tap the above button.
  2. Scarlet will open in your browser – save it to Favorites, so it’s easy to access when you want it.
  3. Alternatively, tap the button that looks like this. up-arrow-ios
  4. Then tap on the option to save to Home Screen and tap Add – the icon will now be available on your home screen for easy access. scarlet app iphone

How to Use Scarlet:

  1. Tap the app icon on your home screen or open your browser and open it from Favorites
  2. Browse the apps and games and tap one to download it
  3. Tap Install and wait for the app to download and install on your device.

Scarlet App Features:

  • Completely free
  • No jailbreak required
  • User-friendly app, easy to navigate
  • Updated regularly 
  • No installation is needed – use it from your browser.
  • Easy to recover from rare download errors
  • Doesn’t use all the resources on your device
  • Lots more cool features

How to Delete Scarlet:

If you want to uninstall Scarlet from your device, it’s pretty easy to do – simply open the Safari browser, go to Favorites and delete it. If you download any apps and games, they will need to be deleted one by one:

  1. Find and long-press on the app or game icon on the home screen.
  2. Tap the ‘x‘ in the top corner when the app icon begins wiggling
  3. Tap Delete to confirm scarlet app iphone delete
  4. Repeat for every app you want to remove

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Scarlet?

Scarlet is one of the top-rated unofficial iOS app stores offering lots of third-party content. There are unofficial apps and games, a few jailbreak tweaks, game emulators, and much more. It isn’t quite as large as some of the other unofficial stores, but it does offer the best unsigned apps.

  • Is Scarlet Safe to Use?

Absolutely. Not only have the developers worked hard at bringing you a safe app store to use, but we also tested it thoroughly and didn’t find any viruses, malware, spyware, or anything else that can harm your device. And, because it is web-based, you don’t have to jailbreak your device to use it. However, as with all unofficial content, you should cover your own back using antivirus software on your iPhone.

  • Is Scarlet Free?

Yes, it is. You can download and install Scarlet for free, and everything in the store is free too. There are no fees to use Scarlet, and there is no need to register any personal details – open it and download it to your heart’s content.

  • Does Scarlet Require a Jailbreak?

No, because it is a web-based app store. There are even some jailbreak tweaks available for download in the Scarlet store.

  • Is Scarlet Supported on iOS 18?

Yes, it is. A recent update brought full support for the latest iOS firmware but, be aware that, because it is a new firmware, not all of the apps and games in the store have been updated to support it yet.

  • I Get an Untrusted Error on Scarlet – How Do I Resolve This?
  1. Note the developer’s name on the error message.
  2. Go to iOS Settings
  3. Go into General > Profiles.
  4. Find the developer’s name and tap it.
  5. Tap the Trust button – the app should now work without error.

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User Ratings:

4.5 / 5. 51

3 thoughts on “Scarlet App”

  1. The apps won’t install no errors pops up but it won’t download it’s say if I want to install it or not and I press install and nothing happens

  2. The apps won’t install no errors pops up but it won’t download it’s say if I want to install it or not and I press install and nothing happens could you please fix it


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