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TutuApp and it one of the most comprehensive 3rd-party iOS app installer. It supports any iOS device running on iOS 11, regardless of whether your phone is jailbroken or not and we’re going to tell you how to download it on your device.

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Download TutuApp on iOS 11:

Following are the steps to download TutuApp. This method is a bit more involved so please follow these steps carefully.

Config Profile 1 Config Profile 2

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS device and tap on the download button above.
  2. Have a read through the information page that opens and then click the link to Install Directly – this will allow the profile to be installed on your device
  3. Your Settings app will open, tap the link to Install Profile 
  4. Type in your passcode if requested and Safari browser will open  passcode_ios
  5. Tap the link to Install Tutu App and then tap Install on the confirmation window
  6. Settings open again, tap Install > Next > Done on each respective window
  7. Wait until Tutu App has installed and then you can begin using it for all your apps and games tutuapp small new bg 4Note: If you do not see the Tutu App icon on your home screen, the installation has not worked; please repeat these steps.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Let us help you make your mind up about TutuApp by giving you the answers you want to any questions you may have:

Fix TutuApp Not Working :

TutuApp is a great installer but, because it is not an official app, Apple will revoke the app certificate within a few days of you installing TutuApp. Although you can reinstall it, you don’t want to have to keep on doing this but, by installing NessTool, you can prevent Apple from revoking the certificate in the first place. Find out how NessTool works and get a full download tutorial by going to the link below.

Common TutuApp Errors :

Most people will have no problems using TutuApp but there are a couple of common errors that are being reported. Both are easy to fix:

  1. Profile Installation Failed, click the link for more details on how to fix
  2. TutuApp doesn’t run – open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management and find the TutuApp app certificate. Click on it and then click Trust. Close Settings and try again; TutuApp will now work.

Still Got Issue on iOS 11?

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Popular Game on Tutu AppStore :

TutuApp is proving to be very popular and some apps are being downloaded more than others.

pokemon go hacks

PokeGo++ is one of the most downloaded games ever and offers a few extra features, such as the ability to hunt, capture and train monsters without leaving home, use the extra settings in the app to make the game easier for you and much more.

Alternatives App Installers:

TutuApp is not the only app installer available so if you can’t find what you are looking for, try another installer. One of the best is:

appvalley icon small original

AppValley is another great installer that offers a huge choice of apps and games to download. Find out more about AppValley and other Apps Like TutuApp by clicking the link.

Let us know if you use TutuApp and what you think of what it has to offer. For all the latest news and more updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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