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TutuApp for iOS 12 gives users the advantage of installing modified apps and games along with plenty of free content too, all without jailbreaking their iPhone’s.


Download TutuApp on iOS 12:

These steps are easy to follow, explained below step by step.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

  1. Tap on the download button above. Note: This only works with Safari browser on iPhone
  2. A pop-up will appear. Tap the Allow option so that the profile can be downloaded and installed.tutuapp profile-settings-open
  3. Accept the profile installing screen and enter your device passcode to proceed.
  4. Wait; when the app has finished installing, the app icon will be on your home page.  tutu_app_vip_safari_app
  5. Tap the app icon to begin using your app. tutuapp_new_appstore
  6. Now if you don’t see the TutuApp icon, there’s a good chance the installation had some error. Do the above steps again, or try downloading a TutuApp Alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tutu App offers many choices, but if you have questions that you want answers for, you can get those answers on our FAQ page:

Common TutuApp Errors:

Most people have no trouble with this unofficial app store, but first-time users may face a few installation errors; those errors are solved in details below.

Tutu App is one of the most popular iOS app installers. It’s already been downloaded millions of times, so join everyone else and take advantage of all the content you could want by downloading this 3rd party app installer on your iPhone today.

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Can My Apps Get Revoked? How to Stop?

Yes. When you download TutuApp, Apple won’t consider it an official app, and they will revoke the certificate. This leaves you having to reinstall the app installer every few days, but there is a way that you can stop it – by using a tool called NessTool.

tutuapp vpn

When you install Tutu, install NessTool VPN tool and your app certificate is protected; Apple can’t see it, so they can’t revoke it. It’s a neat app and doesn’t take up a lot of room or resources on your iPhone or iPad, but it is a potent little tool – a real must-have if you don’t want the hassle of having to keep installing your favorite apps and games and everything you get from it.

Additional Information:

App Name:
TutuApp Inc.
*Please let us know if the Download Links on this page are NOT working.


  1. How do i get my vip that i paid for that had about 10 months left on it but with new update my udid or my device is not recognized do i put in a complaint or can you help me please as i really don’t want to have to pay again for something i already paid and had moths left?

  2. Can someone please tell me why my device is not recognized anymore after the last update i lost my vip with about 10 months left on my account and it can not find my udid please help i don’t really want to go to an ombudsman

  3. Hi I want to download Music FM in Tutuapp. But after click install, the page just blank. I really need the app. Can you fix for me?

  4. i buy vip app and i cant download tutu app what wrong …now you guys put what code WTF !! before purchase why never tell us ???

  5. Please can you link my account .

    I paid for vip a few month ago and tutu app vip is not working anymore and says I do not have a vip account .
    I sent you a copy of the paypal receipt and my UID and someone told me it is going to be linked by your company but at this day I still cannot connect as vip.

  6. i bought an in game currency and it made me pay via paypal to susan.peng office .feng com

    my in game currency has not been processed

  7. Hey I’ve been trying to redownload your app, and it keeps getting close to installing and then just stops to the point where I have to delete it again. I had to redownload it after it wouldn’t let me verify the app. Hope you’re having a great day and please help me out with this. (Oh and if it has something to do with me leaving traces of the old app how do I get rid of all of them)

    1. hi logan, we are trying to re-sign our revoked certificates. You can start re-downloading them in 48- 72 hours.

  8. I can’t download the app, when ever it’s about to load in it just stops and won’t continue downloading what do I do ??

  9. Dear Tutu Team,
    The last few days I cannot open tutuapp anymore. I downloaded and reinstalled it, but nothing works!

    What’s going on?
    When will this bug/issue be fixed?

    Please contact me for help

    1. hi, the lite version is a limited version with a very few working apps. its a temporary solution while we deal with the bigger problem.

  10. I know, but before some apps worked and now they can’t be downloaded again, because a hint given that this app being fixed right now.

    When will the normal TutuApp be available again?

    1. try using the lite version, the apps are down due to massive revoke by apple of the developer enterprise certificates.

    1. hi , it totally works for iOS 12.2. However its revoked at the moment, hence the apps are not working please try alternative apps listed above.

  11. I undertand your team is extremely busy
    at the current moment given what is happening with the revokes. But when selecting the next set of games to bring back online, please fix Golf Clash with a current version 2.33.2 is current.

    1. Sorry about the issue. We are a very popular AppStore and keeping up with the demand of free app certificated and restoring them when Apple revokes them is unfeasible. So our management has decided to keep up with the quality of service we have been providing, only possible by VIP service.

      However, all is not lost. There are free app installers that can be as good as tutuapp. Please try them out.

  12. Hey, i had purchased tutuapp vip on my iphone, and after few days it stop working, it open on the backound (tutuapp and youtube++) but it dont want to show on screen… i update my iphone on 12.3.1 but still not working and i cant dowload tutuapp vip anymore.. what i habe to do?

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