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We’ve all heard of TutuApp, one of the most popular third-party installers ever. Because TutuApp cannot be downloaded from the official store, the TutuApp team brought out an app to make it much easier to download, offering free and easy access to all manner of free apps and games. This was joined by TutuApp VIP , but now the team has overhauled all their apps, merging TutuApp with Tutu Helper and renaming it as one app , TutuApp. This has been done to keep things simple and, under the umbrella of the TutuApp name. The good part is , it now supports the iOS 7 firmware.

tutuapp ios 7

TutuApp iOS 7 Features :

iOS 7 marks the beginning of Apple’s bid to make the firmware more secure and to keep users and their data safer. There are a few security features on iOS 7 that are worth mentioning:


  • Activation Lock – Apple users must use their ID and password to erase device data and to disable Find my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch;
  • iCloud Keychain –Credit card numbers, account login and password details are now remembered by Autofill with all sensitive information stored using AES-256 encryption on the keychain;
  • Game Center –Apple is making it harder for gamers to cheat by introducing several new features to the Game App;
  • Private Browsing – Use New Page View or Bookmarks to disable or enable Private Browsing;
  • VPN Per-App –Different VPNs can be used for different apps so that private information may be communicated securely over non-private networks;
  • Default Data Protection –Automatic data protection is now available as standard on all iOS 7 third-party apps.

Even with these security features, TutuApp will still works 100% on iOS 7. It can bypass the features because it doesn’t need the same access as Cydia did to work. TutuApp will run like any normal app, safely and securely.

Downloading TutuApp on iOS 7 :

TutuVIP is a paid app, requiring a one-off payment for access to millions of apps and games, while TutuApp ( Regular ) is a free version , offering a bit less than the VIP one. Read on for download details:

  1. Open this ( link ) using Safari browser on your device
  2. Wait; the Profile page in your Settings app will open. When it does, tap Install Profile tutuapp_vip_download_profile0
  3. Type in your device passcode, which will prompt Safari to open again
  4. Tap the Install TutuApp link and then tap on Install when asked to confirm
  5. Your settings app automatically opens once again tap on Install > Next > Done
  6. When you see the TutuApp icon on your home page, the installation has been successful. tutuapp small new bg 4

Common TutuApp Errors :

TutuApp is one of the most reliable Cydia alternatives ever but it isn’t without common errors; the solutions to those can be found below:

Popular Apps on TutuApp :

PokeGo++ :

pokemon go hacks

While TutuApp offers plenty of different apps and games, there are some that prove more popular than others. PokeGo++ is just one of those apps. Always a popular choice of game from the official store, Pokémon Go ++ has got lots of features that the stock app doesn’t have, including a complete new set of options  for customizing and modifying the app, changing how you “travel”, the speed, and many more options that improve the user experience of the game no end. Downloading it is easy, follow the link for a tutorial.

It takes only a minute to download TutuApp on iOS 7 ; have a go, tell us what you think and get more updates like this by following us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


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