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TutuApp is an incredibly popular third-party app store, one that is somewhat different from the official store in that TutuApp contains modified and tweaked apps and games that provide more features than the stock apps do. It is one of the best alternatives to Cydia, it works on all iOS devices and it fully supports iOS 9.

tutuapp ios 9

Before we look at how you can install it on your iOS 9 device, let’s look at what TutuApp offers in the way of features.

TutuApp on iOS 9 Features :

Apple stepped up their game with iOS 9 in terms of performance and security enhancements, some of the best ones being :

ios 9 icons

  • Content Blockers – Extensions in Safari help users to determine what content should and shouldn’t be loaded, providing better security and more privacy;
  • Better Battery Life – Apps don’t use as much power as previously and a Low-Power mode helps with batter conservation when power drops below a certain percentage;
  • Search and Siri Improvements – Siri uses context awareness to make more informed and intelligent search suggestions; users may also type their requests rather than speaking;
  • Breadcrumb Trails – Users will find it easier to go back to previously used apps using a small text string in the corner of the screen, a breadcrumb trail;
  • App Slimming – Instead of installing an entire app, your device will now only take the assets it requires, saving space and other resources.

TutuApp works perfectly on iOS 9 because it can bypass the security features. How? Because, unlike Cydia, TutuApp does not need to get through any of the security to work; it will work in the same way as any other app.

How to Download TutuApp on iOS 9 :

There are a couple of ways that you can download TutuApp on your iOS 9 device; just pick the method that suits you and follow the written instructions:

Method 1: iOS Configuration Profile

  1. Open the Safari browser on your device and go to this ( link ) tutuapp_vip_download_profile0
  2. Wait until the page has finished loading and then tap the link to Download the configuration profile
  3. This will make your Settings app open to the Profiles page; tap Install Profile
  4. Type in your iOS passcode and wait for Safari browser to open passcode_ios
  5. When it does, find and tap the link to Install TutuApp
  6. Confirm the installation by tapping Install on the popup window and your Settings app will open once again
  7. Tap Install and then tap Next and Done
  8. When the installation has finished, you will see the TutuApp icon on the home page tutuapp_new_appstore

If that icon is not there, you will need to repeat these steps; it may take a couple of attempts

Method 2 : Windows PC


Another way of installing TutuApp to your iOS 9 device, especially if you do not have a very strong internet connection, is to use your Windows PC; full details can be found at the linked guide:

Common TutuApp Error Fix :

TutuApp runs very well but some users have reported a few common errors; easy to fix, you can find full details at the link below:

TutuApp is very popular and is a great Cydia alternative; download it and let us know if you run into any trouble with it. You can get all the latest updates by following us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


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