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TutuApp is packed with apps and games, some modified, all for free and it also works on Android. More information ( about ) TutuApp can be found at the link and you can keep reading for details on downloading TutuApp to your iPad tablet.

tutuapp ipad

Download TutuApp on iPad :

Choose one of these methods for iPad and one for PC installation.

Method 1: for iOS

This is a more complicated method and requires that you follow the steps carefully.


  1. Open Safari on your iPad and tap the Download button above.
  2. When the page loads up, look for and tap on the Install link – this allows the profile to install on your iPad  tutuapp vip ipad profile
  3. Let Settings open automatically and then tap the Install Profile link
  4. If requested, input your passcode and Safari will open
  5. Tap Install Tutu Helper, tap Install on the confirmation box and Settings opens again
  6. Tap Install > Next
  7. Tap Done and the installation will finish
  8. If you do not see the TutuApp icon on your homepage, the installation has failed; go back over these steps

Method 2 : Windows PC

windows tutuapp pc

TutuApp is one of the most versatile installers, compatible no just with Android and iOS but with Windows and Mac OS as well. Details and download guides can be found below:

TutuApp iPad Features :

Previously known as Tutu Helper, now TutuApp , is full of useful features and is one of the most in-depth installers ever released:

  • Provides support for every model of iOS device
  • Intuitive app with a user-friendly interface
  • Fast, secure downloads
  • Updates provide improvements and bug fixes to keep TutuApp running well
  • Lots of new apps and games added regularly
  • Thousands of free games and apps
  • A few of your favorite ++ apps, modified with new features
  • Lots of apps and games only available in Tutu Helper

Frequently Asked Questions :

If you need a bit more information about TutuApp before you decide to install it, have a look at the answers to frequently asked questions:

Fixing TutuApp Problems :

There are a couple of issues with TutuApp – two that you may or may not face and one that you definitely will. All three are easy to fix:

  1. TutuApp won’t work – this is a certificate error; to fix, open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management on your iPad. Find the Tutu Helper profile, tap it and then tap Close Settings and try again; Tutu Helper will now work
  2. Profile Installation Failed – click the linked post for details on how to fix
  3. Tutu Helper continually crashes. Everyone will face this because Tutu Helper is not an official app and Apple will revoke the certificate the allows it to run. To stop this and to avoid having to keep reinstalling Tutu Helper, simply install NessTool. This powerful yet small tool will protect your certificates, so Apple cannot revoke them; find out how and get a download guide at the given link.

Popular Apps on TutuApp :

Although TutuApp is packed with content, there are a couple of apps that are more popular than many others:

  • Pokémon Go++

pokemon go hacks

PokeGo++ is a popular game, but it is missing some fundamental features. Pokémon Go++, a modified version, has all the stock features plus some extras to improve the user experience. Features include being able to hunt down Pokémon without having to leave home, go anywhere you want without setting foot outdoors and customize the app who you want it. Find out what else Pokémon Go++ offers by clicking the linked post.

  • AirShou

air_shou icon

AirShou has long been a popular screen recorder, mainly because of the features it offers. Where you could once only get it if you installed Cydia, now AirShou is available to all users, allowing everyone to produce professional videos of their screens, in Full HD and with stereo recording. All this and more is available through a simple interface with on-screen controls; click the link to find out more about AirShou and what it offers. 

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